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Geotechnical Investigations

Geotechnical Investigations are at the core of what we offer.

What Is Geotechnical Investigations?

Geotechnical Investigations are an essential component in construction to ensure safety of humans and materials. Such surveys include a details investigation of the soil to determine soil strength, composition, water content, contamination and other important soil characteristics.

Geotechnical soil testingGeotechnical engineers and geologists acquire information regarding the physical characteristics of soils and rock to appropriately design earthworks and foundations for structures and to execute earthwork  repairs where necessary due to changes in the subsurface environment. A geotechnical examination includes surface and subsurface exploration, soil sampling, and laboratory analysis.

The Kind of Deliverables You Should Expect

Geotechnical investigations include foundation analysis, soil analysis, soil testing, soil mechanics, and subsurface investigation. The samples are examined prior to the development of the location. Geotechnical investigations have acquired substantial importance in preventing human and material damage due to the earthquakes, foundation cracks, and other catastrophes. Geotechnical investigations can be as simple as conducting only a visual assessment of the site or as detailed as a computer-aided study of the soil using laboratory tests.

A geologist is concerned with the soil conditions and determines the structure size that may be safe for the soil under examination investigation may also disclose issues that may be difficult in an earthquake, like soil liquefaction. The investigations can also be utilized to find a formation like bedrock that can be able to support a structure in an earthquake. Soil examination is of great significance in the construction industry. It is conducted before the construction to prevent collapse of structure foundations. The nature of the soil and its bearing capacity is determined to establish the foundation stability. This is necessary since the structure foundation failures are almost permanent. Geotechnical investigations are a vast discipline that can include geophysical methods, geologic mapping, and photogrammetry.


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