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Goblal Survey Solutions has a dedicated team of high skilled professionals that manages our Underground Scanning and mapping services.

What is Utility Detection?

Utility mapping is a Division of Global Survey Solutions. We consider our services to be the only approach to underground utility detection and mapping. Global Survey Solutions bridges the gap between excavators, utility companies, engineering firms, consultants and the general public.

Underground Scanning mapGlobal Survey Solutions service’s is ideal for clients who need to undertake excavation works on sites where a record is required for future reference or as part of the pre-construction feasibility and
design works.

Global Survey Solutions only employs highly trained staff that works in teams, utilizing a custom built vehicles which are fully equipped with the latest detection and surveying technology. Our innovative use of
on-site office, computing and communication facilities enables rapid verification of data prior to
leaving project sites – uncovering potential issues early.

The Kind of Vision You Should Expect

To deliver innovative solutions, explore new areas and become the nation’s foremost infrastructure

Our Mission is to achieve our objectives in a fair manner, extending courtesy towards clients, employees, vendors
and investors.


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